Meet InReach Solutions

Founded in 2007, we are a small, agile team creating awesome case management software for social agencies and nonprofits. 

We share a deep respect for the work our clients do, and strive to make the lives of social workers and community-builders easier through technological innovation and creative thinking.

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Stefanie Zasyatkina

CEO / Founder

Stefanie has helped social agencies across the country implement and use SAM since our company was founded in 2007. She has a passion for empowering "non technical" people not only to use but love SAM. Stefanie spends her free time trail running, practicing yoga and exploring Portland on bike.

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Dmitriy Zasyatkin

CTO / Developer / Founder

Dmitriy has spent his entire career developing software for child welfare organizations and loves to come up with ingenious solutions for complex problems. His free time is usually spent enjoying some tranquil nature hike or bike ride with his two super sweet sons. 

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Sarah Holdeman

Sales / Growth

A native Illinoisan, Sarah has been in Portland for the better part of a decade. After receiving her MBA from Portland State University, she has turned her sights to a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits, focusing mainly on business development and growth for mission driven companies. Planning for a summer wedding and keeping the team updated about the Blazers.