Every piece of information on every client connected in one place.

Make matches in a few clicks:

  • View, filter, and sort every family, child, and expectant parent record in one place.

  • Create lists of suitable matches and share them with your team or clients in a few clicks.

  • Keep track of profile views and outcomes.

We used to struggle with several databases that could not “talk” to each other. To have one database that provides online registration for events, stats on donors, tracks youth and family interest from pre-placement to adoption finalization is a boon to our programs!

Seamlessly integrating interest forms and auto actions, visitors to our website are treated with immediate access to adoption information and can record their interest on a child featured. This data goes right into SAM and we get real-time statistics on individualized home screens.
— Nancy, Database and Administrative Manager

Speed up and simplify the approval process with online home studies. 

  • Use SAM's built-in home study tools to manage communications, paperwork, and home visits.

  • Give your families access to an online checklist to upload documents and compete paperwork.

  • Receive automatic updates on home study status, renewals reminders, and important deadlines.

  • Track progress and encourage completion with customized emails and alerts.

Help your families keep their reporting commitments.

  • SAM automatically inserts post adoption reporting schedules based on country and age.
  • Automatic alerts remind families and adoption workers of upcoming deadlines.

  • Families can upload required documents online.

  • Schedule customized emails to arrange PAR visits or provide updates.


See the real time status of every post adoption report schedule in your programs with a SAM report. Filter and sort by date, country, case worker and more. Share the report with others in a few clicks.

This is the only database on the market that solved our needs. It was created to manage the inter-country adoption process and helps us stay Hague compliant by tracking the required training, notifications, documents, finance, post–adoption work and really, everything we do in our day to day work.
— Tomilee Harding, Christian World Adoption

The fields, forms, hints and reports that you need for your accreditation process.

  • Modification History and Activity Tracking provide an audit trail to see which users accessed and modified information.
  • Permissions can be set to limit user's visibility to medical records and fees.
  • Store and report on any information needed for your accreditation, including financial records, counseling, referral history, outcomes, risk assessments, document tracking, communications, and post adoption reports.
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