Technical Specifications

No downloads, no upkeep

SAM is a software service that is accessed over the internet using a web-browser.  This means that there is no additional software to install and that SAM can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Apple Safari

  • Internet Explorer/Edge (version 10+)


  • Microsoft ASP.NET and C#

  • Microsoft SQL-Server 2017

  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) (version 10)


  • Secure Sockets (HTTPS)
    All communication with SAM occurs over a secure/encrypted connection (SSL/TLS).

  • Individual SAM Web Sites and Databases
    Each SAM system is an independent installation with a dedicated database and web site. This minimizes the possibility of accidentally viewing information from another client.

  • Encryption of sensitive information

    • All passwords are encrypted.

    • SAM Administrators may designate any field as sensitive and have it encrypted.

    • On top of encryption, SAM requires users to supply an additional password in order to view encrypted information.

  • Activity Logging
    SAM Provides robust data logging.  Administrators may view the history of any value in the system

    • For data changes.

    • For view of data.

  • Hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    SAM is hosted in a secure data center managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS).  AWS has distinguished and is recognized as one of the best Cloud Infrastructure service providers.  

  • Payment Processing
    Some SAM Modules accept payments from end users.

    • Authorize.Net is our Credit Card processor

    • SAM collects information and passes it to for processing. SAM does not store Credit Card information in our system, backups, or log files


  • SAM Databases and Uploaded documents are backed up daily.

  • Historical backups are encrypted and stored at Amazon Web Services

  • They are retained for 60-days.