Spread the Word

Engage your community through events, volunteer & donor management, and our suite of marketing tools 


Keep records of every donor to see how often they give and why. Send automatic, personalized thank you letter or emails. Create and use reports on donor history and interests for specific outreach efforts.


Recruit, train, and manage your volunteer base with custom record keeping tools and online trainings and surveys.


Create events for clients, donors, volunteers, staff, or the general public and invite them to register online. Collect registration payments online through a simple and secure form. Know who is coming and send information to attendees before and after the event.

Fill Templates with Data

Use data from your SAM to autofill information like names, addresses, or interests into printed records, emails, letters, certificates, or any other kind of template you need to create.

Get the word out

Send bulk emails or letters to share the latest news and upcoming events, or solicit events.