Email Importing

No more searching through your inbox: automatically import all emails related to a client or case into a secure, central location

With your permission, SAM searches your agency's email server and imports communications related to a client or case by looking at the following criteria:

  • Email Address - The "To" or "CC" email address matches one in SAM for a client or organization. 
  • Entity ID - The end of the subject line of an email contains an ID, such as a subject line: "Safety Incident for Child ID 45568".
  • Entity Last Name - The end of the subject line of an email contains a record's unique Last Name, such as "References for Family Williamson." (A common last name such as Smith will not match through this method.)

Every communication in one place

Imported emails, phone call records, in-person meetings, and other communications with a client, donor, staff member, or organization all appear under the record's "Communication" page and can be search and filtered.

Only import what you want to see

Inter-Agency emails are not imported by default, as long as the user's have an organizational email address. You can also exclude specific folders, users, or subject lines.