Goodbye Data Entry

Automate tasks with SAM

With SAM you can automate repetitive tasks which typically add to the responsibility of case workers or administrative staff. Though simple, some of these tasks could take considerable effort, such as sending emails with complete program details or calculating future dates for expirations and when to send notifications.

Auto Actions can be setup with any combination of the following triggers and actions:

Update a field
Send an Email
Insert a record
Add an alert
Delete a record
Insert a single or group of records
On a Schedule
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly
Update a field or fields

Most commonly, Auto Actions are used for notification of upcoming due dates or expiration dates.

A few examples:

  • Enter expiration dates for Background Checks, Fingerprints, then notify all parties before expiration.
  • Once a donation is received, send an automated, personalized “Thank You” email to the donor.
  • Enter new Medical Exam with Due Date from the preceding Exam Completed Date and email case worker and the family about upcoming medical exam due date.