Accounting Made Easy

Automate fees & payments, send invoices, accept payment online, and more

Automate Fees & Payments

Setup your program fees and track service benefits within SAM, create schedules, and create financial reports

Accept Online Payments

SAM integrates with for secure, built-in credit card processing. Your clients can view invoices, pay their bills, and donate online through your SAM forms.

Manage Donations

Request and collect online donations with SAM, track information about your donors and causes, and more.

Foster Care Accounting

SAM comes with Foster Care Accounting tools in place which auto-calculates the monthly totals that should be billed to the County/ State or organization to bill for care of the child, as well as the monthly totals that should be paid to the Foster Home or Respite Providers.

Payments Based on Age / MAPCY

SAM can automatically calculate the Admin or Home Payment Rate based on the DOC and/or Age and/or Placement County and/or MAPCY. SAM enters these auto-calculated rates into the Rate History section, which is the heart of the Child's Accounting section, and supersedes the rates entered on the Placement record.